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Donation Annoucement


I hope everyone had a chance to read last night’s post about shoes and the kids in Ethiopia praying for a pair of their own. If not, please take a few minutes to read it and share.

At the end of the post I said I’d count my shoes and announce how much I’m donating to the cause. So how many pairs do you think I have?

IMG_4886.jpgFrom ratty yard shoes to flip flops, slippers, snow boots, hiking boots, tennis shoes, sandals, shoe boots, ankle boots, cowboy boots, tall boots (can you tell I like boots?), flats, pumps, and all I counted a total of 65 pairs of shoes neatly organized in my closet. Are you surprised? Or does that sound about right?

Whether or not you decide to contribute to the shoes for Ethiopian children fundraiser, I’d love to hear how many pairs of shoes you have in your closet!

Now that we know the number of shoes I have, it’s time to announce how much I’ll donate to the cause. I’m on a limited budget while I’m working on a doctorate degree, so I can’t give what I’d like to. However, I am committing to $10 per pair of shoes for a total of $650. I’m headed to the site right now to complete my contribution. Will you consider joining me? Whether it’s a dollar or a $100, every donation helps. If you haven’t already clicked one of the two hyperlinks, click here to access the GoFundMe page.

Thanks Everyone!